Thanks for your interest in joining the Immune Corps.  Admission is simple - read the book and answer a no-brainer three-question quiz to prove you have read the book and you are in! 

Immune Corps Members Receive free SWAG!
Yes you can buy some of the same stuff from our store, but why, when you can get it for free and help the cause at the same time.

A level one member receives a free Immune Corps Patch and official member certificate.


Yes there is more!!!!!


There are seven ranks in The Immune Corps. The higher your rank you achieve the better the free SWAG you get. Upon earning each new rank you will be given a password to your new rank page and instructions on how to achieve the next level.


Fill out the information below (we don't sell email addresses) and the quiz will appear. Pass it and you are a member and get this cool patch!



Pass the test to join the Immune Corps

In order to join the Immune Corps you must fill out the following form and pass the test:

Question 1. An airwar looks most like a ______
A. Scorpion
B. Wasp
C. Portuguese man o' war
D. Three toed sloth

Question 2. Aliens had a hidden army where?
A. Neptune
B. Bottom of the Cayman trench.
C. The Amazon rain forest.
D. In a glacier off of Iceland.

Question 3. Mad Mike was what?
A. A leader of the Militia.
B. An alien
C. A pet goat
D. A cook for the Admiral.