The Immune

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“It just might be the sleeper hit of the year”
      Speculative Book Review


"The Immune is a riveting read of science fiction; highly recommended"

Midwest Book Review

“If I had my way, The Immune would be taught in political science classes next to allusion-filled classics like Animal Farm and Lord of the Flies.”             

“Welcome to the world of The Immune, a fascinating near-future adventure novel by Doc Lucky Meisenheimer. Taking one part H.G. Wells, several bits of Robert Heinlein, and a few echoes of Orwell, Huxley, and other dystopian visionaries, he’s created an allegory that encompasses the 9/11 attacks, environmental mutation fears, government corruption, and man-against-the-State, producing a stunning page-turner in the process.”

Rational Review


“I can't recommend it enough. Add it to your reading list now..” 

Daily Libertarian


“This cheeky, irreverent, delightfully un-p.c. story should be a must-read for every person in the country…. It’s a deliciously wicked commentary on our current political culture-gone-world-power-mad.”
NetGalley - R. Bartel


The Immune is not just any sci-fi adventure, but also an intriguing look into human drive for survival and revenge during a time of disaster and loss.”

Ziggy Soto


  • “Furiously ingenious at this stage in his writing career, Meisenheimer has achieved an incredible feat of imagination, intellect, and matchless writing talent within The Immune, which is sure to engender fiery debate, strong opinions, and much rhapsodizing over his shocking plot twists and turns.”

    The New Book Review

I sincerely recommend purchasing "The
Immune". It is a story that will engage your imagination and, more than
likely, give many a few major concerns about today's government.

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"a temporary cure for attention deficient disorder."

Chuck McGlawn  Libertarian Party of O.C.