In the not too distant future a biological crisis of epic proportions threatens the world. Genetically manufactured creatures, named airwars, attack and kill at random. Attacks on airwars result in the reproductive release of thousands of juveniles, which exponentially increase the airwar population hampering attempts at extermination.


A hastily formed world government, although having captured and sequestered the airwar's creator, appears more effective in consolidating power than managing the crisis.


Hope emerges when a navy admiral discovers there are individuals born genetically immune to the deadly stings of the creatures. As the immunes struggle to protect humanity, they bemoan escalating governmental control. The admiral dismisses their concerns imploring focus on the creatures not politics. 


There is, though, one key immune with the intelligence and leadership to look beyond the crisis. Consumed with exacting revenge against the airwars' creator he remains oblivious. As the government unfolds its secret plans to end the crisis the destined future of humanity may well rest on his shoulders.

Every crisis offers you extra desired power"
            William Moulton Marston


1973 Herbert Boyer produces the first transgenic bacterial organism.


1991 Herman the bull becomes the first transgenic mammal.


2000 Transgenic rabbit fluoresces green.


2004 Florigen produces the first blue rose by genetic engineering.


2007 Translucent "see through" frogs created by Japanese scientists.


2010 Hundreds of genetically modified organisms now exist.